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Posted: 13 Mar 2008 1:25AM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi name Fia.I am trying to locate any Purcell's from two brohters who started our branch Neil and Neville Purcell family.I would like also any information on Maele Purcell birth parents from Maelela(I think thats how its spelt??)in Aleipata Samoa,please.



Ned or Neti PURCELL** & Salaevalu SIILATA(MAI)
ch: 11 listed

**Two birthplaces listed:
Abt 1820 , , England (would include Ireland, Scotland and Wales; I think it is Ireland boards/lists that I've seen descents posting)


Abt 1820 Malaela, , Samoa, Pacific Islands

**It is suggested that the source listed is **only used** as a reference to further your research.



Posted: 24 Feb 2009 4:14AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Purcell name is Grette Donna Purcell of Malaela Aleipata, i am twenty years of age, and i am the daughter of Amy Vida upu Purcell, the daughter of hans Fofogaoalii Lesamatauanuu Purcell, which is the late son of Mahlon Purcell, the son of William Ned and Matafua Purcell, the son of Ned Purcell the first person or the ancestor of all Purcells in Samoa who married to a Savaiian woman named Siilata. I am happy to get to know you if you give me more details of your lineage and you can call me if you want on 7277927/7230663....may you find this a happy moment of your life..god bless!!!!!!!!


Posted: 6 Nov 2009 1:39PM GMT
Classification: Query
My lineage is from my Great-great GrandMother Betty Maelega who is the one of the few daugthters of Neti(Ned)Purcell who will be my Great-great-great GrandFather and from her lineage line she bore a son by the name of Kuluku Feo, my Great Grandfather who had my GrandMother Mei Tevaseu Omeri(Nee Feo) who then had a Daughter by the name of Temukisa Galuega-Kaio(Nee Omeri), So therefore from what I see & have recorded having to search & Ponder upon my Purcell Lineage, Neti(Ned) Purcell had many children even to whom he & his wife lost during childbirth, I understand that Malaela is the Purcell Aiga Villiage(Tounu'u) of where we all have descended from and I've also come to an understanding within my research that the name 'Purcell' originates from Ireland & possibly could have reached England, But I do believe that we have a Purcell Family crest held in the Irish Family History Records.So no matter what, all 'Purcells' who carry the name are all related through Neti(Ned) Purcell.


Posted: 21 Dec 2011 12:19PM GMT
Classification: Query
Talofa Lava

My name is Kenneth Wood my great grandmother is Apaula Purcell hope I spelt it right. I really want to get connected with my Purcell aiga so my Samoan side never fades away.
My Nana tells me all these stories about Samoa and our aiga in Aleipata.
My goal is to try and get in touch with some Purcell famz and try and stay close I eventually would love to move to my island and learn the culture and language properly living in Australia is hard to learn the culture.
Hope to hear from someone
Manila Le aso


Posted: 28 May 2012 10:29AM GMT
Classification: Query
Hiya all, for the first time i get some where with the name purcell.
This whole time i thought the name purcell was German.
My grandmothers name was Ema Taugaele and aparently her ggrand father or gggrandfather was a Purcell, and thats all i know so plz email me someone so i can gain more info plz plz. Very excited now.


Posted: 28 Jul 2013 10:23PM GMT
Classification: Query
hello kenneth wood! my name is raven tuinei and apaula purcell is also the name of my great grandmother!
im trying to know all i can about her and family, maybe we can talk or facebook and exchange information, or work together?
please search me on facebook if you are able. i really hope to make connections!


Posted: 29 Jul 2013 9:04PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hey thanks for the reply. That's amazing they must of been cousins unless we have the same great grandma. I will add you on Facebook you probably got all the cousins on it.
Speak soon
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